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COVID-19 Update

What are the symptoms of Covid-19? A high temperature OR              a continuous dry cough OR                    a change or loss of taste and/or smell.

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Wellbeing survey

Above is a Wellbeing Survey that can be adapted and shared with SLT to be shared with staff Questions regarding September Opening can be added

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Norwich Pride 2020

Norwich Pride is taking place virtually on Saturday 25th July.  We are always looking for NEU members to join our existing network of teachers across all

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Covid-19: kids learning the hard way

IAN DUCKETT, Norfolk Post-16 Officer, worries that the inequalities inherent in our education system thanks to social

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Risk Assessments

The NEU expect all school to have Covid-19 Risk Assessments in place for staff working within a school – to ensure they are safe whilst

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Following the call by health unions Unison, RCN and RCM for a minute’s silence at 11am on Workers’ Memorial Day to honour workers and volunteers who have lost their lives to coronavirus we’re asking everyone to join us in a brief online rally calling on the government to ensure that everyone working in health, care and other key economic sectors have access to the PPE they need

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