Hardship Fund

Section 43 of the NEU Local Financial Regulations states … ii. Grants may be made from the Industrial Action Hardship Fund, subject to the following rules, to any member of the District who has suffered, or is considered likely to suffer, hardship as a result of their participation in industrial action authorised under the Rules of the National Union which is not sustained by the National Union under Appendix E to the National Rules. iii. For the purposes of this rule “hardship” shall mean any adverse financial consequences suffered or likely to be suffered by the member or by any dependent member of their family which is significantly greater than that faced by the generality of members as a result of loss of emoluments or other benefits of employment.

Anyone claiming assistance through the local hardship fund must satisfy all of the following:

1. that loss of income due to strike action would have an immediate and drastic impact on their household.

2. be a teacher member of the NEU working in Norfolk.

3. have taken strike action for which they have had pay deducted.

4. have completed the application for assistance.

5. provide details of claims for assistance from any other source for the same period.

6. provide, when available, evidence of deduction from pay.

7. provide all evidence requested on the application form or requested subsequently by the hardship committee.

We will not ask for further information if not strictly necessary. If all the above criteria are met the committee will take the following into account:

• whether the member is the sole or main earner in the household

• whether the member has sole caring responsibility for a dependent or dependents

• whether the member’s partner is also taking strike action (as an NEU member or as a member of another trade union) which is unsustained, and they are unable to claim under a hardship fund.

• Whether the member discloses other financial consequences for them which are particular to their personal and family circumstances.

All applications will be treated in strict confidence. The fund will normally pay the actual sum deducted from pay for each day of strike action for which a claim is made.

All payments will be made by BACS into a bank account in the member’s name. This is a condition of our bank and cannot be changed. All claims will be assessed by the Norfolk hardship committee to ensure compliance with this document and national guidelines. The decision of the hardship committee is final.

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