Together we will build an education system of which we can all be proud.

There is crisis in education. Funding cuts are hitting schools, workload is at a record high and the assessment and accountability system is broken, driving excessive workloads. Add to this eight years of barely-rising pay and it is no wonder there is a recruitment and retention crisis.

This is why it is so vital that the NEU works with allies to articulate our alternative vision and to win on the key issues of workload, funding, assessment and pay. 


As 91% of schools continue to face billions in budget cuts, the Government is failing to provide the funding necessary for schools and local councils to give children with SEND adequate support. Nationally school cuts are leading to losses of staff, equipment and care required to safeguard children with the most complex needs in the classroom. The Government has a basic duty to make sure all children can access school but instead it’s failing thousands of children who just want to learn.

Stop School Cuts


As a result of national pressure from the National Education Union and other unions, the DfE has launched a workload toolkit encouraging school leaders to work with staff to eliminate unnecessary activities. View the new DfE workload video and take action on workload today.


The SATs regime is failing a generation of children. Throughout their primary school education, we put children through a system based on high-stakes testing. But surely learning is about more than getting a perfect score on a test? Visit The More Than A Score coalition website to discover more.


Why didn’t the Government heed the recommendation of its own independent teachers’ pay review body, which was to award all teachers and school leaders a 3.5% pay increase? Instead, only teachers on the main pay scale will receive this pay rise. Teachers on the upper pay spine will only receive a 2% pay rise, and leadership colleagues only 1.5%.