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Welcome to the new

Norfolk National Education Union (NEU) District website.

A new one-stop hub for everything the NEU are doing in Norfolk.

Given the current challenges in education, the National Education Union with the combined resources of ATL and NUT provides excellent advice, support and representation; learning and development opportunities; and a stronger voice in local and national negotiations and campaigns.

Norfolk NEU has it’s own response to these challenges

Almost a third of teachers have mental health problems

A new study paints a bleak picture of an ‘increasingly frustrated workforce, struggling to cope’; as worrying new research shows that a total of 31 per cent of teachers have experienced a mental health problem in the past academic year.

Find out what we are doing in Norfolk to tackle this and how you can become part of the programme as a Mental Health First Aider.

Why Join NEU Norfolk

Stand Up For Education

Our campaigning work to highlight school cuts has made funding the number one concern of parents and a decisive political issue for all political parties.

Excellent Development

We believe it is important to have a well-trained and motivated workforce. So whatever your role and wherever you are in your career, we offer training to suit you.

Help, Advice & Support

Whether you need guidance about your employment rights or help with problems such as workload, bullying or accidents at work, you will have access to all of this.

Equality Matters

The importance of equality runs through the National Education Union’s work. It is a key priority of the union to ensure that its members have a voice.

Publications & Resources

We are unmatched in the range and quality of free publications and factsheets we offer, covering everything including guidance on employment rights, school trips etc

Keep Up To Date

Our members’ magazines and sector-specific newsletters will keep you updated on the latest developments at the National Education Union and in the wider profession.

Message from the District Secretaries

Scott Lyons, Vicky Warnes and Bob Groome

Welcome to our NEU website for Norfolk. We are excited to be part of the 4th largest Union in the UK and a real force for education being led by the experts in education – the staff that works in our different schools around the country and most importantly, our home – Norfolk.
Norfolk's Conditions Comparison Website

Where to teach website

We want teachers to use to find out how Norfolk NEU value them as an employer. This will help them make a decision on what kind of school/academy they want to work in.

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Here are a few frequently asked questions. To see them all please click button below

Maintained schools – these include Community, Voluntary Aided (VA), Voluntary Controlled (VC) and Foundation schools.

These are sometimes called Local Authority schools. Pay rates are set by Government through the “Blue Book”. Conditions of Service come from the Blue Book, the Burgundy Book, and local agreements between the Local Authority and the Unions.

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Teachers’ contracts end at the end of term (except for specific temporary or fixed term contracts which may have alternative end dates). The resignation dates for each term are as follows:

Autumn Term: resignations must be received by the employer by October 31st. (for Headteachers this is September 31st) in order to leave on December 31st.

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Teachers (except Leadership Grade and ASTs) can only be required to be available for work on 195 days during the year (5 without pupils/students), and for 1265 hours of DIRECTED TIME allocated reasonably across those days.

Directed Time includes teaching and other professional duties, such as non-contact time, registrations, meetings, playground duties. It is the time where the Headteacher can direct the teacher as to WHAT is to be done, WHERE it is to be done and WHEN it is to be done.

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No – you cannot be required to attend any meeting, or carry out any specific task or duty at this time. All teachers are entitled to a reasonable break between morning and afternoon sessions. For those on Leadership Grade, the break might not be the school lunch time. This time does not count for Directed Time.