Mental Health First Aid

Did you know the latest facts and figures around Mental Health in the Education sector?
This year’s national Teacher well-being index shows that over a third of education professionals said that their job had made them feel stressed most or all of the time, in the past few weeks, compared to 18% of the UK workforce overall.65% of educators say that they wouldn’t feel confident in disclosing mental health problems or unmanageable stress to their employer. The World Health Organisation predicts that mental ill health will be the leading cause of absence by 2030 if we don’t do more to actively support people. So, it is vital to creating workplaces where people feel safe to ask for help (in the same way as they would for physical illness).
What are we doing in Norfolk?
Mental Health First Aid training – an MHFAider in every Norfolk school 
If you are interested, you’ll be in good company – as of December 2018, 341,173 were trained in Mental Health First Aid skills!
Norfolk NEU have now trained over 70 MHFA across over 35 schools
MHFA is not a therapy/counseling role – it is akin to Physical First-Aid – an MHFAider has the confidence to support a colleague/employee/parent who is having a mental health crisis and then encourage them to appropriate support
Our Union does not walk-on-by. We want to give members, Reps, officers a simple toolkit to be able to approach someone in emotional distress and feel they will not be making things worse. In fact, they will be making things better
Mental health is everyone’s business

If you would like to be trained as an MHFA, please contact Scott